Driver Course

FedReady LLC & Reakttor Inc.

Target Audience:

Drivers who are covered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Alcohol Misuse and Contolled Substances Use Program.

Driver Training

Each employer must provide educational materials that explain the requirements of this program and the employer’s policies and procedures with respect to meeting these requirements. This one hour online driver’s training program is intended to complement the mandatory written material to provide an interesting, interactive, and effective learning experience to help companies and their drivers control substance abuse and promote safety on the highways.

Driver training should be completed within a reasonable time of first performing safety-sensitive work (e.g. 30 days). This course may also be used for driver refresher training which is recommended but not mandatory.

Drivers will be able to:
  • Identify the events leading up to the establishment of the Alcohol Misuse and Controlled Substances Use Program Regulations
  • Describe what safety-sensitive functions are and why drivers are part of the Alcohol Misuse and Controlled Substances Use Program.
  • Define the six required types of tests in the program
  • Describe what prohibited conduct is for drug use
  • State the five prohibited drugs the program tests for and outline actions and effects of their use
  • Recall the consequences of a verified positive, adulterated, or substituted drug test, and refusal to test, and understand the drug testing process and safeguards
  • Define alcohol and prohibited conduct under the Alcohol Misuse regulations
  • Recall the consequences for a breath alcohol test result of 0.02 or above and refusal to submit to an alcohol test
  • Define the criteria that will disqualify a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) holder from driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle
  • Describe the requirements for an employer-established voluntary self identification program
  • Understand how company policy and the DOT/FMCSA Rules affect employment of drivers
  • Review questions that were asked by drivers in other companies and see the answers
  • Ask questions and receive answers online through the "Help" feature of the course
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the course material by passing a quiz.

To experience the course, review sample video demo below. This sample demo contains some pages from existing course.